Yjala & Ray’s Wedding Photogrpahy at Leonda by the Yarra


With a stunning cruise down the Yarra, Yjala and Ray’s stylish waterfront wedding at Leonda by the Yarra was spectacular. In the early morning, Yjala and Ray had risen with the sun to prepare for the big day ahead. Yjala was beside her bridesmaids in a glamourous bridal suite as she slid into her gorgeous off the shoulder wedding dress. Likewise, Ray was assisted by his groomsmen to look dashing in his classic tuxedo.

For Phenomena, the highlight was the wedding ceremony, as the bride and groom shared their first kiss as a married couple beneath the ceramic church arches and the silky red carpet. With fresh white roses lining the aisles, Yjala and Ray walked hand in hand to their next adventure together.

The afternoon wedding photography by the Yarra was a pleasure to capture as the stoned architecture and the green flora that lined the walls was a stunning accent that complimented the bride and groom’s stylistic attire; overall bringing to life their intimate connection for the camera to capture.

In the later hours of the day, Yjala and Ray were seen smiling from ear to ear as they celebrated their lovely union with all their friends and family. Our wedding videography of the night was brimming with emotional speeches, dancing, laughter and more. The night concluded with a final photograph of the two love birds down by the river under the moonlight.

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