@ Zonzo Estate Yarra Valley

Matt & Danielle

@ Albury

Jamason & Lee

@ Tatra Reception

Jodi & Justin

@Carousal Albert

Amelia & Sheridon

@ Linley Estate Wedding Reception

Yasamin & Ahmed

@ Werribee Mansion Same Day Editing

Cheryl & Antony

@ Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village

Belinda & Ben

@ Sorrento

Stephanie & Mason



Having your wedding filmed is a great privilege and a fantastic opportunity to  re-live your special day. Phenonema will shoot and edit the film for you in a cinematic way making you the stars of your own film. We offer amazing wedding videographer services here in Melbourne that are sure to impress. Have a look at the videos above to see the kind of work and digital editing we can do. Don't look past our Melbourne wedding videography services to make sure your wedding day is not only captured in photo form, but filmed to relive the memories. 

With over 10 years of experience in the wedding industry, Phenomena know how to capture the right moments and compile them into an unforgettable film to show to your friends family or guests that unfortunately couldn't make the momentous day. It is also a great reminder to see how far you both have come since the wedding day and re-live it together. 

Good Melboune Wedding Videographer's are hard to come by. Not only is Phenomena one of the best in Melbourne, they are also one of the most affordable options that still produce amazing quality. Give the experts a call on (03) 98261881 and see what Phenomena can do for you wedding day.