The Most Unique Wedding Photography Locations in Melbourne 2021

There are numerous popular photo sites and unique wedding photography locations in Melbourne. From world-famous bayside beaches to iconic historical structures and gorgeous gardens, couples in Melbourne have a plethora of backdrop options for their perfect wedding pictures, including Parliament House, the Royal Exhibition Building, and the Carlton Gardens.

Melbourne is recognized as the Garden State, the Fashion Capital, the Restaurant Capital, and the home of the world’s greatest coffee. It is stunning and boasts a lot of wonderful wedding picture settings, whether you want them for a wedding session or simply because you enjoy photography.

Melbourne is a large city, and wedding photography may take on many various forms here, from the hectic and sophisticated city life to the historic farms and vineyards just a few kilometres away. Many Melbourne wedding couples choose their venue so that their photographs may be shot there, many venues offer gorgeous spots right on their doorstep, so there’s no need to drive far.

Melbourne is a beautiful city for Wedding Photography, with a lot of intriguing wedding photographers to choose from. The city boasts a wealth of possibilities for couples looking to have their Melbourne wedding photography or engagement photos taken.

The variety of captivating venues is infinite, ranging from cathedrals and pavilions to quiet beaches and gorgeous resorts. And if you are planning a wedding soon, here are our top selections for the most famous wedding photography sites in Melbourne. Here’s a list of some unique places to take wedding photos in Melbourne. Each of them demonstrates their personalities and merit to be included in your wedding day photoshoot, making your wedding images that much more distinctive from the rest!

Top Wedding Photography Locations

Let us get to the truth now. Here are some of Melbourne’s top wedding photography locations. Scroll these areas and pick a concept to get started.

Town Hall of South Melbourne

South Melbourne Town Hall is a historic civic structure on South Melbourne’s Bank Street. Many skilled Melbourne wedding photographers enjoy working here since it is a quiet and pleasant setting for wedding photography. You might also arrange for cars to park in front of the buildings on the wedding day. Your photographer may now catch you, the autos, and the ancient structure in a single shot.

There are also numerous well-known Melbourne wedding reception venues nearby, including Crown, Luminare, The Park, Carousel, Show Time Event Center, Cargo Hall, and Aerial. It shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to get there.

Although South Melbourne Town Hall is rarely visited by visitors, it is a popular location for Melbourne wedding photographers.

University of Melbourne

Phenomena Melbourne wedding photography in Melbourne University

Melbourne University, founded in 1853, is the oldest university in Victoria and a Melbourne cultural landmark. Hundreds of newlyweds come here to get their Melbourne wedding photography taken. Some of them may graduate from here, and their love will most likely begin over a lunch break on South Lawn.

The historic architecture serves as the ideal backdrop. You might also plan your wedding vehicle shoot in Melbourne University’s architecturally highlighted underground car park. A wedding ceremony in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit in Newman College, one of Melbourne University’s residential colleges, is suggested to ensure that your wedding day runs successfully. The disadvantage is that you must get permission to take wedding photographs here. Also, consider scheduling on a weekend rather than a weekday because there will be much too many people walking through during the school day.

The Royal Botanic Gardens

couple taking wedding photo at Royal botenical gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens are one of Melbourne’s greatest garden-style wedding photography venues. Within its over 50 hectares of land, you will find grass, woodlands, flora, and attractive lakes. For weddings held within the Royal Botanic Gardens, couples can select from a variety of wedding receptions as well as ceremony locations immediately on-site, providing them with great convenience on their wedding day.

There are several popular and well-known wedding photography spots within this Melbourne urban oasis, including the Tropical Glasshouse, Fern Gully, Guilfoyle’s Volcano, and the Temple of the Winds. One piece of advice for all wedding couples considering wedding location pictures at the botanic garden is to create a comprehensive timetable for the day, since the botanic garden is undoubtedly huge, and travelling between too many spots might be taxing for the bride who is on her heels.

couple wedding photo in lake albert park in melbourne


Albert Park Lake and its surrounding Gardens, which include 560 acres of parkland, are just stunning locations for Melbourne wedding photographers. This is a place where natural and contemporary elements coexist nicely. The swans, the tropical trees, the boat on the lake, the buildings from close to far, and the city skylines, all of these things may be the perfect backdrop for your wedding photographs.

Around the lake, there are also several classic waterfront wedding celebrations. When you choose to have your wedding reception and wedding portraits all at Albert Park Lake, your wedding day will go off without a hitch.

Brighton Kamesburgh Gardens

a couple having wedding at brighton kamesburgh gardens in melbourne

The Kamesburgh Gardens, located at the Hampton end of the North Road, is ideal for a small wedding ceremony or even as an after-ceremony wedding picture venue. With a sandstone old mansion, beautiful grass, palm trees, and a fountain, it’s safe to say the Kamesburgh Gardens is one of Melbourne wedding photography spots that offers a plethora of photo options.

The majestic entryway in front of the mansion is practically a must-see photo opportunity at this location. Walking down the pathway, your wedding photographs will benefit from a vintage-looking backdrop of the house, fountains, and palm trees. It is unquestionably a picture location that will provide a ‘Roman holiday’ mood to your wedding images.

A permission from the Bayside Council, however, is required for your wedding picture location session at the Kamesburgh Gardens.

The Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens

a couple kissing in fornt of carlton garden

The Royal Exhibition Building and Surrounds Carlton Gardens, which was built in 1879, is a popular wedding photo venue in Melbourne. It is one of the famous landmarks that represent Melbourne to the rest of the globe, and it is located on the north-eastern outskirts of Melbourne CBD. This venue is appropriate for most wedding themes due to its 26 hectares of manicured gardens, ancient buildings, and contemporary architecture.

The lush meadows, tree-lined promenade, and elegant fountain in front of the Royal Exhibition Building provide for a beautiful setting for your wedding photographs. The San Remo Ballroom and Regal Ballroom, which have an easier connectivity to Carlton Gardens, are two well-known wedding reception venues in the inner northern suburbs.

Parliament House

melbourne parliament house for wedding pictures
Parliament House, which was built between 1855 and 1929, is ideal for individuals looking for a big, traditional, and historical setting for their wedding photoshoot locations.

Melbourne’s Parliament House, which is on the Victorian Heritage Register and celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2005-06, is famous and thus immensely popular among tourists and, of course, weddings!

If you want to go to Parliament House for your wedding, keep in mind that it is located in a bustling and popular area of Melbourne’s CBD. Perhaps this wedding photography venue isn’t for you if you don’t enjoy the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

However, if you go ahead and photograph your Parliament House wedding, you will have something timeless, traditional, and stunning in a historic venue!

Port Melbourne Beach

port melbourne beach for wedding picture
Port Melbourne Beach is a surprisingly calm area for beautiful beach shots, despite being only a few kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD. It’s only 4 minutes from crowded St Kilda Beach, but you’ll feel like you’re on the run-away.

You may relax and enjoy a private photo session without the stress of dodging crowds or being the centre of attention. It features a lovely walking path that leads to the beach, with fences and dunes on both sides, making a wonderful backdrop for photographers.

Brighton Beach

melbourne brighton beach for wedding picture
Brighton Beach is a great wedding photoshoot location for people looking for a unique beach photography setting. It is located in the affluent beach-side district of Brighton, only 11 kilometers southeast of Melbourne’s CBD. Brighton Beach is known for its brightly coloured beach bathing boxes, which attract visitors solely to marvel at its odd beauty.

The colourful bathing boxes provide a popular backdrop for wedding parties, so keep that in mind if you decide to choose Brighton Beach as your wedding venue.

Brighton Beach is not the closest beach location to the Melbourne CBD, and wedding photography sessions often do not allow enough time to travel all over Melbourne. Those interested in visiting Brighton Beach on their wedding day usually hold their wedding ceremony or reception somewhere nearby.

South Wharf Underpass

south wharf underpass for wedding picture
If you’re searching for places to take wedding photos on a rainy day, this is perhaps one of the best possibilities.

You’ll get lost in this hive of buzzing, creative promenades with boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and bars, which has many undercover spaces in this busy commercial centre.

You’ll find a plethora of intriguing backdrops in the urban style, marine, and industrial appearance, including refurbished 19th-century freight sheds, kegs, graffiti, and wall arts.

The Wurundjeri Way underpass offers a huge amount of covered space, as well as a variety of photographic features such as architectural curves, vanishing lines, a concrete wall, and dramatic lighting.

Federation Square

melbourne federation square for wedding picture
As previously stated, Federation Square is only a short distance from Flinders Street Station. Federation Square is a multi-use complex designed as a public gathering space within Melbourne’s CBD, built on a concrete deck over the city’s bustling railway lines.

As a result, many couples and their wedding parties go to Federation Square to have their wedding photos taken against the backdrop of Melbourne City.

If your ceremony or reception is in the area, Federation Square is an excellent location for wedding photography. Because this site is extremely crowded at all times, finding a parking spot for your wedding transportation may be challenging.

This could become a stumbling block (pun intended) and waste crucial photoshoot time.

Choose Phenomena Photography & Cinematic

Melbourne has got some pretty attractive places to take wedding photos and caters to all types of preferences and tastes. It has got wedding photoshoot locations for everyone from busy areas and quiet, historical places to beaches. Choose the one you love and have a great photoshoot!