Catalina & Damien’s Wedding at St John & St Verena’s Coptic Orthodox Church

videography at Essendon airport under beautiful sky

natural style wedding photo at Winsor hotel

Bride and groom getting ready atWinsor hotel

Wedding Photography at Essendon airport Melbourne

beautiful Wedding Photography at Winsor hotel

  • Getting ready: Winsor hotel
  • wedding ceremony: St John & St Verena’s Coptic Orthodox Church
  • Photo location: Essendon airport
  • Wedding reception: Melbourne AU79

Tucked away in the west-side of Melbourne, Essendon Airport is a hidden diamond with its open fields that kiss the sky and its beautiful aircraft – a stunning location for Catalina and Damien’s buttercup yellow wedding shoot. With a bustling morning at the breathtaking Windsor hotel getting ready, luck was on the bride and groom’s side as the chilly day awoke with clear blue skies and warm sunshine. A natural wedding photo style was the perfect way to go with Catalina and Damien. Their vibrant personalities and adventurous style resonated perfectly with the open landscape at Essendon Airport – a perfect location to mark the take-off of their new journey together. Phenomena’s wedding photographers focused on contrasting the rustic style of the aircrafts and outdoors with the more traditional and classic designs at the Windsor Hotel and the morning ceremony at St John & St Verena’s Coptic Orthodox Church to express the dynamic essence of the bride and groom.

The brilliant yellow threaded throughout each shot draws a story through this special day. Beginning nervously as the golden morning rays mark the start of their first day together, onwards, to the vibrant yellows blended with the energy throughout the wedding and finishes with the amber tinted moments of intimacy as Catalina and Damien dance their first waltz together. As the two swayed gently, so did our cameras and videographers to the delicate fluttering of light on their skin. A truly breathtaking moment with not a second missed by our lens. 

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