In the fresh breath of an early Spring morning, Tina and Ibram walked out of the church hand in hand – husband and wife. In a traditional style church wedding, the bride and groom transformed the classic ceremony with an Egyptian twist highlighted through the touches of red. The burgundy aisle especially illuminated the beauty of the bride. The stunning backless bell wedding dress perfectly framed Tina, shining a light on her elegance. Ibram’s stylish tuxedo also reflected his sophisticated character and refined taste. Phenomena’s team of wedding photographers and videographers focused on the finer detail in the monotonic photographs to capture the chic aura of the two lovers.
The most stunning moment of the day was Tina and Ibram’s first dance together. Surrounded by smoke, balloons and violet lighting, these three minutes felt surreal. The now husband and wife seemed almost to be dancing in the night sky upon the clouds illuminated by the moonlight. Breath-taken, it was this moment that was the most enjoyable scene to be taken by our wedding videographers.