Theona & Dean’s Wedding Photography at St. Nektarios Greek Orthodox Church

traditional Greek wedding photography Melbourne
Pre-wedding photos and videos filmed by Phenomena's videographers
Traditional Greek wedding held at Orthodox church, Melbourne photographed by Phenomena's wedding photographers.
The bride and groom sit in a luxury wedding car photographed by wedding photographers from Phenomena Melbourne.
Classic wedding photography about the bride and groom with a castle in Melbourne.
Melbourne traditional Greek wedding at Orthodox church, Fawkner. Melbourne wedding photographers and videographers

Theona and Dean’s marriage is a destiny etched in the stars. In his eyes, she was the universe in one; in her smile, reflected the heart she gave to him. The two celebrated their joyous union in a traditional Greek wedding under the warmth of the summer sun. The brilliant photographers and videographers at Phenomena were blessed to be able to capture these ethereal memories through the lens of our cameras.

The emotions of the day felt like electricity in the air. By the eye of any onlooker, one could tell that Theona and Dean were souls that had been longing for lifetimes for their hearts to collide. Although they celebrated with a traditional wedding, the colors of their love painted the day to become something completely unique – a beautiful beginning to extraordinary adventure together.

Much like their love story, Theona and Dean’s Greek wedding held at Melbourne’s Fawkner Greek Orthodox Church was like a classic film. Each moment of the day glided smoothly like scenes in a sequence. To emulate the cinematic ambiance of the wedding, Phenomena’s wedding photographers and videographers purposefully photographed the bride and groom like filming a movie. Each loving moment is now captured in print like the still frames of a Hollywood scene.

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