Nadine & Stephanie’s Wedding Photogrpahy at Melbourne CBD

As inevitable as the coming of spring, the blossoming love of Nadine and Stephanie was also an unchangeable destiny set in the stars. It was a phenomenal experience for our team of wedding photographers and videographers to roam the streets of CBD Melbourne to embody the special connection between the brides in film.

Phenomena’s incredible wedding photographers utilised the modern landscape and urban infrastructure to illuminate the enchanting charisma of the two. Within the wedding photography as well as the videography, the brides’ energy vibrated through their laughter and spread with joy to not only family and friends but also Phenomena’s team of photographers. We focused on reflecting the simplicity of Nadine and Stephanie’s romance through their natural intimacy as the home is within each other’s arms.

In the warmth of the evening glow, the unique reception captured the one-of-a-kind relationship of the couple as Nadine and Stephanie concluded the night with vigour and zeal – marking their excitement to embark on the next chapter of their lives together.

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