Mile & Stephanie’s wedding photography at st Patrick cathedral & Metropolis Events



Is every romance not a reverie of the heart? From within the mysterious oak trees, into the gothic church, and under the twinkling chandeliers, Miles and Stephanie’s wedding was fantasy brought to life. Like a nymph dancing on crisp autumn leaves, Stephanie’s silhouette was ethereal to capture under the aged oak trees. The ceremony at St Patrick Cathedral was even more breathtaking. The 19th-century style architecture of the church whisked the scenery of the ceremony out from the modern bustling city of Melbourne into the grand arches of a stone castle. Our wedding photographers carefully selected a vintage design to emanate the timeless nature of Miles and Stephanie’s love – a story that transcends time.
The evening reception at the Metropolis Events was a fairytale experience. Located on the top level of Southgate Melbourne lined beside the Yarra River, Metropolis Events was the perfect ballroom that brought Melbourne’s sweeping city skyline into the room. Even with the crystal lights almost drifting in mid-air, it was the energy and luminescence of the cityscape that painted the room with light. Phenomena’s videographers most enjoyed capturing the bride and groom’s first dance together. The gentle movement of their bodies beside the looming glass windows and the gold finishes of the room transformed the three minutes into a kinetic artwork that ebbed and flowed to the dancing city lights.

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