Michelle & Shaun’s Wedding Photogrpahy at Ascot House


Bringing to life the vintage dream, the highlights of Michelle and Shaun’s big day were captured through our seamless wedding photography and cinematics. The bride and groom’s choice of Ascot House encapsulated the elegance of Victorian architecture. With the heritage charm of Ascot House and stylistic design of the wedding, Michelle and Shaun recreated a traditional wedding ceremony with their own unique twist. The décor of the venue alongside Michelle and Shaun’s sophistication is highlighted in the film-like photographs and selective angles. With two acres of garden and art deco interior, we incorporated both indoor and outdoor scenes in the wedding videography. Our team at Phenomena used a black and white approach to capture the bride’s stunning sleeved wedding dress and the groom’s classic tuxedo, to accentuate the modernized retro wedding.

The fun and joy of the evening reception was beautifully recorded in not only our wedding cinematics, but also through our stills of Michelle and Shaun’s first dance together. With warm smiles and candle lighting, each loving moment shared between the couple was heart-warming for all the guests to witness. To illuminate their affection, we chose to take a candid and natural method in developing the final photographs. In doing so, the bride and groom’s wondrous day became a lasting memory.

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