Melissa & Ebony’s Wedding Photogrpahy at Melbourne Zoo


Our first same sex wedding attended by Phenomena’s team of excellent wedding Photographers and videographers was an exciting experience for all. The special occasion held at the Melbourne Zoo was filled with the blossoming love shared between the two beautiful brides – Melissa and Ebony.

To encapsulate the childlike innocence and vibrancy of Melissa and Ebony’s personalities, both wedding photographers and videographers had fun and let the inner beauty of the brides shine through. With each shot framed by the playful landscape of the Melbourne Zoo, every attendee was reminded of the simple pleasures in life and romance. Phenomena focused on reproducing each moment of the day through natural movements in hopes of imprinting the energy that filled the air as a memento for Melissa and Ebony to reminiscence upon in the coming days. Just as the Merry Go Round lures our mind back to the beginnings of our childhood; today it marks the start of a new adventure in the lives of the two lovers.

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