Melbourne’s Sensationally Spectacular Wedding Venues

Weddings, by far one of the most memorable commemorations one can experience in their lives and celebrate wholeheartedly with their loved ones. Organising weddings can be extremely stressful and nerve-wrecking especially when it comes to deciding on the ‘perfect’ venue to host a vividly sensational wedding ceremony for you, your partner, and your guests to indulge.

Recognised by a plethora of aliases associated with the city of Melbourne such as the Garden Capital, the Fashion Capital, or the Restaurant Capital. There are a multitude of diverse wedding venues in Melbourne that will offer a spectacular evening that enhances the experience for everyone.
The miscellaneous collection of venues may seem initially daunting whilst you are planning as places can vary from cathedrals, majestic beaches, the quiet but lush countryside, and stellar resorts. No worries there, to save yourself some strenuous research and precious time, we have collated together a list of unique and stunning venues that will impart a sensationally spectacular wedding.

Highly Rated Wedding Venue Locations

Popular Wedding Venues in Melbourne

Here are some of the top wedding venue locations in Melbourne.
We have organised this list that takes into the main factors: Location Accessibility, Capacity Limit, Food Catering, Staff and Amenities, Décor, Photo Opportunities and most importantly the venue’s ability to encapsulate the style of wedding that is envisioned by you and your partner.
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A sophisticated and luxurious venue with spectacular décor with a unique diamond chandelier-clad ballroom. The venue embodies a dreamy and elegantly stylish theme with gold tiffany chairs and white clothed round tables with napkins. To top it off the entrance is inspired by a New York bar entangled with florals.

Perfect for individuals who are unable to decide upon their decorations but are looking for something enthralling and graceful for a sensational evening for all.

Location: 936 North Rd, Bentleigh East VIC 3165
Venue Capacity: 180 Guests

Eureka 89

Iconic and bold. Situated within the famous landmark the Eureka Skydeck, experience a sky-high luxury panoramic view of Melbourne CBD and the Yarra River. Acclaimed as being the highest event space in the southern hemisphere, the contemporary venue offers flexible space of either the northern or southern point or the whole venue. Encompassing one of the city’s alias the Restaurant Capital, the venue enables its guests to indulge in menus curated by the award-winning executive chef Renee Martillano.

Ideal for enthusiasts looking to spice their weddings with a spectacular night time city landscape with memorable food that will leave you gobsmacked.

Location: Level 89, Eureka Tower, 7 Riverside Quay, Southbank VIC 3006
Venue Capacity: 120 Guests

Park Hyatt

Versatile, Luxurious and elegant. Offering a staggering 5 unique function spaces, Park Hyatt is by far one of the most unique wedding venues carefully taking into consideration of budget and requirements. Located nearby Fitzroy Gardens and Parliament House, an easily accessible location for everyone especially after taking photos with the groomsmen and bridesmaids.

Appropriate for people who wish to make an visually impactful sensation on their guests and for spectacular photographs

Location: 1 Parliament Square Off, Parliament PL, Melbourne VIC 3002
Venue Capacity: 140 – 350 Guests

Popular Wedding Venues in Melbourne

Grand Hyatt

Romantically intimate, spacious, and extraordinary. Like Park Hyatt, Grand Hyatt also offers various venues for couples to choose their weddings. Guests will be entranced by the exquisite foyer before they even enter the venue. From multiple wedding packages that allow for flexibility and the ability to enhance the sensational day into a truly extraordinary and unforgettable event with the ROMANCE packages, Grand Hyatt also caters to your palates with amazing menus with their executive chef Dane Clouston.

Adequate for people who are considerate towards their guests and wish to make their night extra special by allowing them a night’s rest with luxurious accommodations and spectacular options.

Location: 123 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Venue Capacity: 50 – 600 Guests

Encore St Kilda Beach

One of the most beautiful beachside wedding venues around in Melbourne that is a must for beach and sunset lovers. With Port Philip Bay literally in the same vicinity, you and your partner will be dazzling in the mesmerising sun and backdrop ocean view. Complement the spectacular views with scrumptious award-winning catering menus.

Preferable for individuals desiring to amaze their guests and friends whilst enjoying the splendour gifts of nature that will be forever etched into their hearts and memories.

Location: 10/18 Jacka Blvd, St Kilda VIC 3182
Venue Capacity: 300 Guests

Sandringham Yacht Club

Breathtaking, stunning, and vibrant. Sandringham Yacht Club is a unique wedding venue located in St Kilda allowing for balcony views for guests and allows for indoor seating just in case the weather becomes a bit sour in Melbourne. Witness the spectacular sunset illuminating as you mingle and celebrate with your beloved loved ones.

Suitable for those who wish to see a stunning view at night that gradually changes over time allowing for different backdrop views.

Location: Jetty Rd, Sandringham VIC 3191
Venue Capacity: 250 Guests

Baxter Barn

Rustic, serene, and natural. Baxter Barn is a heritage listed property that demonstrates the beauty of Melbourne’s countryside along with its rich history dating back to the 19th century. Enhancing the rustic getaway with its native trees, historical cottages and wooden structures, Baxter Barn also offers full dining experience with delicious foods and exemplary services.

Perfect for those desiring a countryside rustic getaway without the hassle of a long drive.

Location: 85 Sages Rd, Baxter VIC 3911
Venue Capacity: 250 Guests

Best Wedding Venues in Melbourne Countryside

Wandin Park Estate

Serene and spectacular views. Wandin Park is one of the most unique wedding locations that will guarantee a memorable wedding that will last a lifetime. Established as one of Yarra Valley’s largest and most historic private country estates, the venue offers sensationally breathtaking views of the Yarra Valley and its natural beauty. Enhancing its natural beauty, Wandin Park Estate also offers a charming venue complimenting the countryside’s beauty.

Ideal for those desiring a nearby scenic countryside wedding that is in itself iconic, breathtaking and surreal.

Location: 305 Victoria Rd, Wandin North VIC 3139
Venue Capacity: 200 Guests

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