Madison & Robbie’s Wedding Photogrpahy at Alfred Place


Two people who are inexplicably connected do not need words to express their feelings. The intangible something that tied Madison and Robbie together was more indescribable and complex than a simple ‘I love you’. Although difficult to express in words, Phenomena’s team of wedding photographers and videographers could tell at first glance that this was a special relationship.

The elegance of the bride and the charisma of the groom led the photo shoots throughout Melbourne city and radiated a timeless beauty through all the wedding photos produced. From the morning ceremony at the Chapel of the Holy Spirit – a traditional and exquisite architectural piece that perfectly framed Madison’s walk down the aisle to the classy and refined evening reception at Alfred Place – a gorgeous location to film the bride and groom hand in hand.

Our videographers were blessed to capture Madison and Robbie’s first dance together as one. The wedding video’s focus is to be a memento to hold close to their hearts as this moment becomes a memory to be relived over and over again.

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