10 Years Experienced Photographer Share the Tricks to Looking Your Best in Wedding Pics.

When you are considering hiring a professional to capture your big day and can already picture the moments in the film, you are without a doubt holding high expectations for your wedding photos. However, maybe from a terrible past experience or just simple camera shyness, you are losing hope in the perfect shots being captured.
‘What can I do to look more beautiful in my wedding photos?’ is a common dilemma faced by many brides to be. You may feel that this is a foolish question to ask, but truly it is a question not asked enough. We as photographers often consider this question ourselves alongside thinking about how to approach this situation. Below are some of the things we have noticed from our many years in the industry.

Communicating with your Photographer Beforehand

Communicating with your photographer prior to your wedding is actually the most important aspect of working together. Many couples neglect this simple step and believe that your photographer already knows what’s best, your taste and how to achieve it. However, this is a major misunderstanding.
How you may define beautiful, what you find charming about yourself, and your own style is most familiar to you. Furthermore, transcribing this complex web of elements into a photo is extremely difficult. By giving a good amount of time for your photographer to communicate with you can assist them in reproducing your ideal style of photos on the day.
Here are a few pointers I suggest for you to discuss with your photographer:

What photo style do you like

Without a doubt, this is the most crucial point of discussion. Understanding your likes and preferences is when the magic starts. Nowadays, with a swipe and click of a button, you can easily find similar pictures and styles online for your photographer to get a better grasp of your taste. Remember to also point out what aspects of these references you particularly are drawn to.

What you don’t like in photos

Likewise, you definitely have styles and things that you don’t fancy. There are probably certain angles you would like avoided, such as exposing tattoos, an unflattering scar, a big nose – the list goes on. By just sharing a few words with your photographer can greatly clarify what to focus on and what to hide.

Any preferences or concerns in other areas

Many brides have their preferred side, or certain features they don’t want to be emphasized. It is important to mention these little details to your photographer so they can consider these elements when capturing your moments. Just like having your own style, you definitely have things or people that you like and dislike. By voicing these thoughts you can not only give more direction to your photographer, but you also avoid any unnecessary mishappenings along the way.

Relax and Don’t Focus on the Lens

“Look, she’s so beautiful without even knowing it” is the perfect description of the golden opportunity all photographers wish to seize. The moments that move a person the most often are those captured without you noticing. Because of many distractors, most people become camera shy under the lens. Without the ease and practice of a model, this is very normal, however, there is no real need to give any attention to the camera. Just remember, the most comfortable and natural you will always be the prettiest.

Understand and Respect your Photographer’s Work Style

Many photographers have their own ways of working. Their working method comes hand in hand with their photographic style. A common mistake to make on the big day is to critique your photographer’s actions and decisions. This may lead to an unwanted change or an unsatisfactory final product. After voicing your opinions and prior communications, just sit back and let your photographer take over.

Clean your room, take a shower, get a good sleep

In the end, it comes back to mindset and personal status, because that’s really the most important factor in how your wedding photos look. Newlyweds are always the theme of wedding photos, your full state, cheerful mood, are the most important factor in the wedding photos.

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