Karla & Robbie’s Wedding Photography at Jack Rabbit Winery

Karla and Robbie were a gift to each other. Just like the fresh wind blowing in from the sea, the bride and groom’s smiles were filled with innocence and pure love. The beautiful winery wedding located at Jack Rabbit Winery embodied the sweet and mellow romance of the two love birds. With warm weather and clear blue skies, our team of wedding photographers and videographers were excited to capture the seasons of Karla and Robbie’s love story as the outdoor scenery changed throughout the special day.

The crunching of the grass under Karla’s feet as she strode down the aisles of grapevines to the hillside altar where Robbie stood in awe of his bride was a breathtaking scene to record. The rustic Australian style evening reception was equally as spectacular as the morning to the sunset with the wedding video following joyful tears and vibrant laughter.

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