The now Mr. and Mrs. Miller tied the knot with a beautiful outdoor wedding. Located in Albury, the fresh greenery and warm lighting became the perfect stage for Jamason and Lee’s big day. Philomena was honoured to be able to witness their love in summer and provide our services of wedding photography and videography.
Reviving the innocence of every bride’s childhood dream, Jamason selected a simple coordination of baby pinks and pearly whites to accentuate the delicate essence of the venue and wedding dress. The bride donned a stunning halter back wedding gown and the gentle rays of sunshine filtered through the forest leaves to guide her down the aisle. Each photograph was exquisite to take as the vibrant colours of the outdoors brought a natural luminosity to the moment. Even the young flower boy was charming in a panama beside the bride and groom!
However, it was most enjoyable for our team to film the wedding videography for the bride and groom’s first dance together. With the night still full of warmth and light of the summer months, the air was full of smiles and laughter as the two swayed gently to the slow music. As the sun settled and the night ended, Jamason and Lee were happily married and the two became one.