How to Select Your Wedding Photographer

Through our many years of working with various clients, a noticeable question that often pops up is ‘How do I choose the right wedding photographer for me?’ When decided on your photographer for the day, there are many factors and elements to be keep in mind. Here are some of our suggestions for you to consider.

Your wedding photographers are one of the handful of hired staff that will be with you for the entirety of the wedding. A qualified wedding photographer not only needs to capture each and every beautiful moment of the day but should also help shoulder other responsibilities for the day to be smooth sailing. Deciding on a capable wedding photographer may be one of the most crucial elements when preparing for your big day. So then, what determines a ‘good’ photographer? And how do I know they’re the one for me?

choose your wedding photographer that share the same style with you

1. Embodies your ideal wedding photography style

Much like any other artist, a good photographer will develop their own style as they continue to take pictures. A defined style and high level of skill are invaluable to a good photographer. Likewise, different clients have their own taste. Having your own preferences are critical when choosing your photographer. Before curating your style, many photographers learn through mimicking others.

choose your wedding photographer by considering the photographer's personality

2. Communication and personality

Hiring your photographer is just as important as picking who is to be your bridal party. Wedding photographers are the sole help that follows the bride and groom through the entire day. Under normal circumstances, you will most likely converse more with your photographer than any members of your bridal party. Finding a photographer that is full of charisma and easy to talk to may be the key factor to having a relaxed and cheerful day. The same goes, if your photographer is quiet, withdrawn, and hard to approach, they may just become another name to your list of stressors. We believe it is important to know who your photographer on the day will be. Have a chat with them and get to know them. They could possibly change how you will remember your big day.

choose your wedding photographer by considering price

3. Packages and pricing

Whilst price may not be the determining factor when choosing your photographer, it is undeniably something that must be considered. You may be asking – ‘how much should I be willing to pay, then?’ or ‘Should I invest a little more in a photographer I particularly like?’
Here are some questions we believe you should ask yourself when in doubt:

  1. Is the style of your desired photographer something that cannot be replaced?
  2. For your wedding theme, do you require a specialized photographer skilled in your particular style of wedding?
  3. Where does your photographer’s pricing place in the industry? Are they much more expensive? Or are they quite reasonable?
  4. Is this photography package flexible enough to fulfill all your wedding photography wants and needs?

choose your wedding photographer and make your decision asap

4. Decide on your photographer as soon as possible

After fulfilling all the criteria listed above, we recommend that you decide who will be your photographer as early as possible. Much like a good wedding venue, wedding photographers are short in supply. If you have already met someone that fulfills all the of your wants and needs, looking further into the market will just be wasted efforts. Furthermore, more time spent now with your photographer equals more help on the day.

To sum up, here is a short step by step checklist for choosing your photographer:

1. Careful selection

  1. When deciding, we recommend looking through a large volume of work by various photographers.
  2. At least consider and examine 10~15 or more photography studios and websites
  3. Pick around 7~8 candidates that you like

make a high volume of consultation when select your wedding photographer

2. High volume of consultation

Contact them and inquire about anything you’re curious about. Remember to mention the following details:

    1. Wedding date
    2. Wedding venue
    3. General schedule for the big day
  1. What the photographer thinks of the schedule
  2. Pricing and packages available

rank your potential photographers first and make comparison

3. Comprehensive comparison

  1. Make a list ordering your favorite to least desirable photographer and then their prices
  2. Narrow your list to three successful candidates that are within your budget
  3. Go and meet these chosen photographers in person to see who suits you best!

4. Final verdict:

We believe you are not far from meeting your destined photographer now. It’s time to make your decision! We have many experienced wedding photographers and some excellent videos are shown on our official website. We have been providing excellent wedding photography experience for brides and grooms, the professional wedding photographer truly making the brides and grooms feel at home. We provide wedding photography services within Melbourne. If you also want to have your fine wedding photos, please contact us as soon as possible.