Christie & Dylan’s Wedding Photogrpahy at Encore St Kilda


Whilst the world is a vast landscape of many people, within the worlds of Christie and Dylan’s hearts, there is only space for each other. The couple decided to seize the warm sunshine of Australian summers and Melbourne’s beautiful blue beaches with a seaside ceremony at Encore St Kilda.

Phenomena’s wedding photographers were blessed with the opportunity to record this loving moment surrounded by glistening water, soft sand, and the sound of calming ocean waves. Our skilled team focused on using modernistic techniques to capture the chic, simplistic design of Christie and Dylan’s wedding. Even so, these subtle details were essential to highlight the finer elements embedded in each moment of the day. From the dressing of the bride and groom, to the tearful walk down the aisle and the final hours of laughter in the sunset evening, our wedding photographers and videographers used natural light and an organic perspective to preserve the memories imprinted in the photos fresh and vibrant for Christie and Dylan, much like the unwavering beauty of a sunset.

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