7 Tips to Make You a Good Melbourne Wedding Photographer

If you have ever considered working as a Melbourne wedding photographer, this article is for you! Why not sit down, take some notes, and follow these guidelines when deciding to venture into your wedding photography business!

1. Learn and master your photographic equipment

The first thing to do is to learn and master your photographic equipment! Before doing anything else, you need to spend time learning how to control and manipulate your camera to do what you want. Don’t go in blindly, hope for the best! Play with different settings on the camera and take different photos.


2. Learn the basics of running a business

Once you have some practice time, you can focus on studying business basics. For example, you can choose a business name, buy a domain name, create your website and blog, and let your social media accounts show off your work! When it comes to buying domain names, there are different options, such as Google Domains. There are more hosting sites available, but the two most popular are WordPress and Squarespace. We recommend that you start here and expand your search as needed. It is more like a start phase of becoming a Melbourne wedding photographer.

3. Legalization of the company

Once you get your company name and create your own website, you can register your company and make it legal! (This means paying taxes and enjoying commercial insurance!) Each place has different registration business rules and regulations, so be sure to read carefully what you do and don’t do in your area, but a small business is a great place to start!

4. Assist local wedding photographers

The web has huge potential for a wedding photographer. Now is the time to do it! Contact the Melbourne wedding photographers who you admire if you can help them at conferences and weddings. Although you may not be photographing anything initially, attending a wedding and helping the photographer bring equipment, scouting the location of the photo, and assisting throughout the day are all helpful. When you start with assistance, you will see the ins and outs of the wedding day and how it runs and operates. This includes customer interactions, how the schedule works (or does not work), all the details and moments of the shooting, which is the first step to enter the wedding industry world and can bring more opportunities.

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5. Expand your investment portfolio

The fourth step is to move to the next step effortlessly when developing your portfolio! The network is not only to assist the Melbourne wedding photographers, but it will also help you enter other commercial enterprises, such as taking a second shot at the wedding, or even cooperating with other vendors to create a style shot. However, if you feel that you can’t shoot weddings or shooting style shots again, don’t worry! You can always choose to participate in photography workshops hosted by famous Melbourne wedding photographers! Seminars are great for learning, stretching yourself creatively, and developing your investment portfolio. No matter which path you choose, you can work hard to develop your investment portfolio!

6. Update your website

Therefore, you have your own website, blog, and a growing portfolio of products. How to do it? Now it’s time to update and modify the website! Based on the basics of what you want your website to look like, it’s time to update your website’s product portfolio, write an about me page, and make sure your contact form is working. Use our website checklist to ensure that everything is in cutting-edge shape for a Melbourne wedding photographer!

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7. Don’t stop learning

There is always room for improvement and development, so continue to stretch yourself creatively and technically! Sometimes you will feel stuck and stagnant, but this feeling is not always there. You can take the initiative to get out of the headspace. There will always be so many seminars, e-courses, and even operation videos for making you a good Melbourne wedding photographer, so never stop looking for ways to expand your knowledge.

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