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What was once a dream is now a reality with the birth of the best wedding photography company - Phenomena Photography & Cinematic. Brides have long awaited a Melbourne based boutique wedding company that offers personalised services, striking imaging and gorgeous final productions all at an affordable price. With combined experience amounting to over 10 years, our wedding photographers and cinematographers at Phenomena Photography & Cinematic are the epitome of a highly stylised approach to wedding photography & wedding videography.

Our focus lies on candidly capturing the momentous events throughout one of the biggest days of your lives. Using only state of the art technology and techniques, Phenomena wedding Photography & Cinematic is at the forefront of individualistic photography and unparalleled high definition films. Located in the chic hub of South Yarra, Phenomena Photography & Cinematic is well placed to cater for weddings throughout metropolitan Melbourne, Greater Victoria and South Australia. Consultations are free and can be scheduled for the evenings or weekends in our trendy studio.

Phenomena Melbourne Wedding Photography

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other”
- Audrey Hepburn

Who doesn’t like a good picture? One that captures the intimate love you and your family share on your BIG DAY? One that captures the joy, the tears?

We at Phenomena take up the task of bringing your wedding pictures to look like the dream they are. We seamlessly blend into your family. It’s as if we were never there in the first place. What we bring to your table is the perfect mix of life and energy; just what you need to capture the moments you spend with the people who really matter. We let you enjoy your day while we steal candid shots and moments of you and your guests enjoying every bit of your big day.

The handsome groom in a blue suit and the beautiful bride in a white wedding dress kiss after their aerial wedding ceremony in essendon airport

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Wedding Videography

Tamara & Andrew
at Aviary Crown

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The flower girl jumping around, the bridesmaids laughing, the bride’s father looking at his beautiful daughter, the couple’s laughter, and their tears. There’s so much happening on the day you are meant to marry the love of your life. As documentary wedding photographers, we capture all these emotions in their truest subtilities. We want the couple to be themselves, relish every second while you trust us to tell your vibrant story.

From Our Wedding Couples

a couple from melbourne has commented on Phenomena wedding photography

“We had a lovely experience with team Phenomena. My spouse and I were very apprehensive about getting just the right shots, more so because both of us are really camera conscious. But the team at Phenomena blended in like butter. You have to see our pictures. They are simply breath-taking!”

- Will & Kate

a couple from melbourne has commented on Phenomena wedding photography for their fantastic wedding

We are now the proud owners of the most stunning wedding photos thanks to Phenomena. They were so flexible with us during the 4 postponements thanks to Covid and continued to stay in touch and communicate. Allen was fantastic on the day and he put a lot of thought and effort into getting us beautiful wedding photos. He was very easy to take direction from but also let us talk and have fun where he was able to capture beautiful candid shots. So many people have commented on how beautiful our wedding photos are which are also thanks to the effort they put into editing each image.

- Jack & Emma

a youn couple from melbourne has commented on Phenomena wedding photography

We were beyond happy with the service & professionalism of Phenomena Photography for our wedding. Everything from the initial meeting, talking us through the packages & pricing, to working with them on the actual wedding day, was made so simple and uncomplicated thanks to Phenomena. Their photographers/videographers - Henry and Alex were such a pleasure to work with, and the photos we got from the day were everything we wanted - they went above & beyond our expectations. We highly recommend Phenomena for your wedding photography & videography, and easily rate them 5 stars!!

- Amy & Henry

bride and groom from melbourne have commented on Phenomena wedding photography

I would like to thank Phenomena Photography for their amazing service at my wedding last Sunday. I knew I had to get these photographers to capture the special moments of my wedding the instant I saw their work on their website. Their service was beyond excellent. Frankie and Johnny worked like ninjas throughout the day making sure that every moment was being captured, I barely saw them sit down. Even my relatives were commenting on how good their work ethics were. They taught us what to do to make the photos look good, so for people who are not familiar with posing, there will be no issues at all because they make it fun and natural during the shoot. Overall, I am more than happy with their service as it went well above expectations, thank you once again.

- Jason & Alicia

Olivia & Aaron's wedding photography comment

What an amazing photography studio to work with! There are great photographers—Henry and Alex. They captured every part of our wedding day flawlessly. Henry has a way of bringing out your best, making you feel totally at ease. He notices the small and subtle things, as well as the big moments, ensuring that every aspect of your experience is captured. He also brought out our true essence as a couple, capturing so many playful and joyful shots filled with love. Phenomena Photography is the go to photographer, and has set the gold standard. I cannot recommend him more highly.

- Olivia & Aaron

Ava & Harry's wedding photography comment

We were glad to have Frankie capture our wedding day. His work is just amazing! Whatever feel you are looking for, Frankie has a way of bringing it to the surface and capturing it in such a beautiful way so that you look back on your experiences remembering the emotions and feelings of what it meant to you. Frankie made the entire process super easy and flexible. He's not only amazing behind the camera but such a kind and bubbly guy which made us and all the guests super comfortable. We highly recommend Frankie to be your wedding photographer.

- Ava & Harry

Lisa & Tom wedding photography comment

When we had to change our wedding date and venue because of the lockdown, The Phenomena Photography was very professional, flexible and helpful and the photographer Allen went above and beyond to be prepared and ensure we had excellent wedding photos and memories.On our wedding day Allen was great to work with and accommodated for what we wanted. Our photos are gorgeous and we totally love them. We highly recommend Allen to be your wedding photographer.

- Lisa & Tom

Sophia & Jack wedding photography testimonial

We loved Phenomena Photography! Frankie and Johnny were the photographer at our wedding and I can’t recommend them highly enough! The photos are beautiful and such good use of lighting giving such beautiful photos even in darker locations. Frankie and Johnny are so pleasant to work with, they made all our guests feel at ease and was so clear in his instructions it made the photo shoots go so smoothly. We had so many compliments from our guests on our photographer! Great service from start to finish!

- Sophia & Jack

Mia & Joe wedding photography melbourne's testimonial

I would highly recommend Phenomena Photography! Alex's responses over email were fast and helpful. When we met him before the wedding he quickly worked out the style of photos we were after, the amount of direction we wanted/needed to look good in our photos and gave some vey useful recommendations for photo locations. I am so pleased he was the person capturing our day! His was able to read our nervousness/awkwardness which prompted him to coach us through our photos until we were more comfortable. He is so professional in every way, thank you so much, Alex! You're amazing!

- Mia & Joe

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Without a doubt, this global pandemic has heavily disturbed the flow of our everyday lives and impacted our plans. The wedding industry has been one of the most severely affected by these unpredictable times.

Last year, many couples were forced to or decided to change wedding dates or even completely cancel their big day. Additionally, for those that were successful in celebrating their wedding during the pandemic, were required to majorly reduce the people present and had to strictly comply to all the changes imposed by the government. Luckily, Phenomena Wedding Photography’s clients that either successfully celebrated their wedding or chose to cancel all received appropriate arrangements from us according to their situation.

Below are Phenomena Photography & Cinematic’s policies in accordance with the effects of Covid 19:

  • If your wedding has been forced to be rescheduled due to government restrictions, we will in our best abilities adjust to your new wedding date. Furthermore, previous deposits will also be transferred to your new booking.
  • If we are unavailable to attend to your new date, we will refund you 50% of your deposit and the remaining 50% will be changed to credit for other services at our company (making photo albums, birthday and business video filming, family and personal portraits, and family or friend’s wedding).
  • If Covid has required you to completely cancel your wedding, then all payments made will instantly be transferred as store credit at our company for future use on our other products.

Depending on your desired photo style and requirements, the amount of time the photographer requires may be vastly different. Under normal circumstances, to fully capture the entire wedding, photographers will spend 3-4 hours beforehand capturing the groom and bride getting ready. The photographer will usually finish 2-3 hours after the reception has begun. (of course, if you would like to capture the fun and laughter of the evening, our photographers are more than willing to stay to the end of the reception).

Therefore, after confirming the starting time of the ceremony and reception, the amount of time the photographer requires can be easily calculated. For example, if the ceremony is at 2pm and the reception is at 6pm, then the photographer will need to cover the day from 11am to 8pm.

Every couple has their own understanding of what wedding photography is. Often, these ideas diverge when talking about ‘getting ready’ photos. When talking about wedding photos, many people often imagine themselves, hoping to capture all the beautiful and unforgettable moments of their special day. However, many people often forget about others – what is your partner, your parents, your siblings doing right now?

At Phenomena, we have met countless elegant brides that are shaking inside and listless grooms. We have witnessed many fathers tearing whilst practicing their evening speech, and mothers’ eyes watering at the thought of their child growing up. When you receive your photos, then can you also glimpse at what the day was like for not only you, but also your partner. You can see how dear your family holds you and how proud they are of you.

To answer this question, it is not a matter of how long a wedding photographer will take, but an issue of how much time they are allowed. After attending a myriad of weddings, weddings can be simply divided into two categories: church weddings and venue specific weddings.

Church Wedding
Many of our clients consider having a church Wedding. If so, the bridal party and our photographers will go to selected locations to take pictures. If there are no issues or delays with transport, we will usually spend approximately one hour at each location. To allow first timers time to prepare as well as rest, our photographers will arrange for the main participants to arrive 30 minutes early to the reception venue.

For example, if the ceremony is at 2pm and the reception at 6:30pm, the schedule should follow as listed below:

  • 2:00 - 2:45 Ceremony
  • 2:45 - 3:30 Family photos
  • 3:30 - 5:30 Two locations
  • 6:00 Arrive at reception & set up

Venue Specific Wedding
More and more clients are now choosing to have their Wedding based on their dream venue. Often, if the wedding is venue based, there is often not much time allocated for the photographer. This is in part due to the venue’s own arrangements and the guest activities on the day that limit the time in between available for photo taking,

According to the many venue-based weddings attended by phenomena, the schedule often follows as listed below:

  • 4:00 ~ 4:30 Ceremony
  • 4:30 ~ 5:00 Family photos
  • 5:00 ~ 6:00 Location photos
  • 6:00 ~ 6:15 Reception set up

On the day. even after the reception has begun, our photographers can also alert you of good photo taking opportunities that arise, such a breathtaking sunset or vivid rainbow skyscape. From all the examples stated above, it is easy to see that the time required for location photos are analogous to your wedding plans.You can also visit our Photography to find more inspiration for your wedding venue. To best accommodate your wedding plans and to capture the best photos, we highly recommend you phone in now.

Different photo studios have different shooting styles. Different photographers and videographers may also have their own manner of working. For us, it is more ideal to work with familiar faces as it will be more efficient and will reduce any friction while working. It is easy to book an affordable wedding photo and video package from us. And also, here are some pros and cons to help you decide.

Benefits of choosing the same wedding photography & Cinematic studio

Familiar co-workers, easy communication, and more efficient work
We frequently hear of stories where conflict with other company photographers and videographers have had a strong impact on their work, resulting in the client not receiving their desired wedding photos or videos. If the photographer and videographer are from the same company, these occurrences rarely happen.

Communication between photographer and videographer are much smoother and more consistent
Different studios have their own schedule and arrangements. If you do not wish to coordinate between your photographer and videographer on the day of the wedding and have a headache over different results in the photos compared to the wedding video, then choosing your photographer and videographer from the same company is most ideal for you.

Photo and video style will be the same (simplify photography process)
Many photographers have varying styles to videographers. Under these circumstances, because of the difference in source materials, the photographer and videographer must spend the same amount of time, thus wasting half of their work hours waiting on each other.

Cost effective
Often, if you hire your photographer and videographer from the same company, they offer special discounts or prices. If you purchase a package, it will be even more price friendly.

Coordinated work attire – more professional look
Due to the staff on set being in different work attire, your overall wedding veneer.

Benefits of choosing from different companies

Different photographers and videographers can share ideas, inspiration and learn from each other. They will be exposed to different materials and create a completely new style of work.

Clear personal style
If you have a clear style of photo or video in mind, and don’t have many requirements for the latter, then it would be beneficial for you to choose two separate companies to balance your budget

We are often asked what different wedding photo styles are. In general, wedding photography can be divided into either the laidback natural photo style or the professional model style.

Different clients have their own preferred style. To better understand your tastes and achieve the same results, the best way is to show us some reference photos of what you like. This way, we can reproduce your ideal style of photography through looking at the references you have shown us. You can also browse our Feature Wedding Gallery for some inspiration and tell us which style is your favourite.